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4 years ago

No more public IP addressing to the CPE - CGNAT / LSN time. Why did you change the service without telling people??

So yesterday, Cox decided to stop allocating public IP addressing to the CPE, without telling ANYONE. This is quite a fundamental change in service, as most technical people rely on (public) IP addressing for security etc. Not cool.

Firstly, the range allocated overlapped with my internal network, so had to re-address my entire network.

Secondly, I called up Cox support to ask what are the ranges they're allocating, and if they will ever change in the future, or how they're performing CGNAT (NAPT, PBA etc.). Nothing. So when their DHCP server supplies a new range of RFC 1918 addressing, I may have to go through re-addressing again...

This post is more of a rant, and to inform other tech-savvy people of the changes happening. I get it, IPv4 is exhausting rapidly, but TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

Looks like I'm forced to use IPv6 (which is good!), but now the mobile carriers need to beef up their plans for dual stack, so I can reach my home when I'm out.