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2 months ago

No internet connection

I went to cox office to downgraded internet and told them I don’t need home phone service that I have been charged monthly. It was $99. After talking the technician there and gave them my own router serial number, I went home and noticed no internet connection. I spent couple hours with the resetting  and chatted with live agent and there’re is nothing they can do remotely. Then they said they will send technician in-home visit and I may be charged $75. I’m so disappointed with cox since I have been with them over 9 years. I’m not happy not get to use the service I pay and may expecting another $75 extra. 

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    So giving Cox your router sn# is useless. You need a modem, and more than likely what is going on is they removed the cox phone modem and added the other information incorrectly. 

    1. If you have your OWN modem, take a picture of the SN and MAC ID, and contact Cox and have them verify the numbers are correct.
    2. If you are using the phone modem for internet and have no phone service, be advised, yuou are now RENTING that modem, and you need to contact Cox and have them verify they still have the phone modem provisioned for your internet. 

    Either # 1 OR #2 WILL fix your problem.