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5 months ago

Nightly speed drops / high latency going a few weeks now...

Like some posts here have been alerting, I live in North Phoenix/Glendale, and I have been experiencing nightly speed drops for what seems like two weeks, progressively getting more consistant. I work from home 100%, and so far this is only happening later in the evenings, around 9PM or so. My ping will shoot up to 200+ ms and my content, either games or streaming will have significant lag, to the point its unusable. I am on the 500/50 package, and these symptoms are abnormal to my experience so far, barring a hiccup here and there. A month or so ago, there was some late night cox work happeing to underground cabling a few houses down that took down my blocks internet for a few hours, ever since, the issues have started to happen more and more frequently. Now there are all sorts of cox flags and paint markings pointing out underground cables on most of the homes on my block, not sure if its related or if there is some sort of maintenance being planed soon? I have a linksys CM3024 modem, and when the lag hits, a modem restart seems to not work, and I'm pretty much out of comission until the latency stabalizes over night. This is pretty ridiculous for the amount of money I pay a month, and worse that COX never seems to see this on their end when I call in.


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    Looks like T3 errors on the upstream probably from the work being done on the UG line. I would schedule a technician and see what they say. If that doesn't go far, file a informal FCC complaint and try to gather data from your neighbors. 

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