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2 years ago

night tech support and other failures/fixes (new orleans)

this is long, sorry, im a wordy git that leaves out nothing

first step, mass ping my network and run a monitor on everything for a few days, it might be my hardware. for the most part, it checked out (questioned the new POS router i purchased recently because the memory of my old one got flaky and wouldnt hold settings. replaced it with hot garbage linksys smart hydra6 (nonpro) (DO NOT BUY). ...anyyyyyway, i replaced the MODEM, might as well have that as a new device. problem is, after provisioning, the gave me the same massive unrecoverable errors, and issues as the old moto one with the same issues.

it started about a month ago. my connection was very bad. i tried calling tech support but it was around 7pm. i did not get a continental local response. instead i got someone that has no idea how American telecom laws work and the basic rules of what cox clients are responsible for when it comes to the feed (drop) from the pole to the house.

In as clear and non technical at first im getting in the millions (not joking) of UN-recoverable errors on my modem and frequent intermittent drops, making network connections like games impossible as they require always connected and good ping response. all he did was ping the modem once and said "everything looks ok on our end so it is not a cox communication issue" i said it was , since the issue i explained is a total loss of connection for 30sec at a time, not just every time you check, its intermittent but happens often enough to be an issue. explained everything in a simple way that even my boss would understand. i asked him to recheck, but didint tell him i unplugged the power from my modem, the moron either didnt actually test, or hes a complete [im censoring this]. he said there is nothing they can do. i told him, all i called for was to schedule a lineman to service the drop, the only part cox is REQUIRED to do. he said everything is ok on their end and could not schedule the service call. well, i hold him, fine, let your supervisor know im climbing the poll in the morning, and to expect my next call to him to be from jail. ended the call with a firm and uncharacteristic , "ya know, [[badWord]] it, im done with you, your useless and incompetent in your simple job to schedule a simple check of my simple line" and hung up with the blanketyblank.

well, next day, comes, i notice im getting a email about a lower bill, thought  "well, at least he understood something about my service being trash for a week"....until i logged into my account a few days later and saw something i DID NOT authorize, a change of my account. it went from 300down/35up to 500down/10up (i need that up where it was). again, i authorized NO changes, but thats what i got. who do i contact, or whats the link to goto for my account to revert back to what i had that again I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THE CHANGE!. i require that 35up for remote work/connections/VNC/filebackups and several other sporadic high speed bursts of various tasks . 

called service again the next day, call was over in less that 5 min, and a tech was on the way the next day, excellent response from the local support crew.

service tech, wow, this guy was right on spot and saw the issue in about 2 min., something i didint see, an actual knot and ratsnest of just my drop coming from the pole, "ya know what, im just changing it, thats your issue right there", since im an electronics and IT engineer and deal with signal deg on some of my projects, i was along with him, sure that was the issue too. line replaced. no more errors. guess i was right. ive been waiting for a survey about that tech to give him every 5plus stars he earned.

since the initial problem, i haven't had run across issues, i also trashed that hyrda6 and got an Asus RT-AX86U router (night and day difference). spent about 500$ on this new equipment, but ill take it over the refurb mess cox changes for.

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    Glad your service is working, I can explain the unauthorized changes in your service. Some time ago, they put a new faster service in place, and they sent out emails as well as info on bills about the change from 300/30 to the new 500/10. Since most people need faster download than upload, the info that was sent out advised the change would be automatic, unless you called to request no change. ALSO, there was a method in place that if the change took place, and you called in within a certain period of time, they could put in a tkt to  have it reversed back to the 300/30, which obviously you, as well as any number of people who stream up to twitch or use a vmware vpn required the higher upload speeds. BTW, NICE router, I just don't have the funds for something that nice, so I am sticking with my Arris DG2460, wifi modem..

  • Hi AAstevens. The purpose of the Cox Internet Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox Cable, Telephone and High-Speed Internet services with other customers. If you may need someone to look into your account personally, we would definitely be able to assist you with the speed change issue you incurred. Please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp via DM, visit us on Facebook via private message, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread to get started. I am so sorry for all that transpired. Thank you for sharing your story. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator