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4 years ago

NEW HP Laptop Disconnects Panoramic WIFI For All Connected Devices

HP 14" Stream Laptop in Royal Blue | AMD A4-9120E - 4GB RAM - Radeon R3 Graphics - 32GB Flash Storage

Model: S14-DS0010NR
We recently upgraded to Panoramic Wifi Gigablast Internet with 
  • Up to 940 Mbps download
  • Up to 35 Mbps upload
  • Unlimited data plan

My app shows 12 devices currently connected the wifi including 2 Lenova Thinkpad work laptops, a Vivint Home Security System, a Brother Printer and multiple Amazon Firesticks.  I show 4 other potential devices that could be connected.  At any given time we are seeing 10 plus devices connected to the wifi.  

We are not having any issues with lagging / latency / speed or connection to wifi for all but one of our devices.  Our son has a NEW HP Stream Laptop with specs listed above and since we upgraded to Panoramic wifi, anytime he wakes up his computer or logs onto the computer after shutdown, his device automatically connecting to wifi disconnects all other devices from wifi access.  Essentially it causes a reboot of the router / modem itself as it takes about 5 minutes before the Panoramic Wifi is recognized by any device to connect to again.  We have already confirmed the following:

  • Different IP addresses for all the devices
  • Most updated drivers for the HP laptop that is causing the issue
  • Disabled several HP Services (indicated on other forumns) as possible cause

This issue was not happening with our former plan and Netgear modem so we are suspect it has something to do with a Panoramic Wifi setting or other limitation as it relates to the setup of the HP laptop itself.

We are looking for possible solutions that we should be trying.