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9 months ago

new email horrible

new email horrible. I can only see 5 at a time and my actual email only allows me about 1/3 of the full screen. When I open emails I can only view a very small part of the email, and have to scroll a lot to see the whole thing. This is giving me a terrible headache. Whoever decided this new format was somehow better should be fired.

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    Go into the Webmail settings (that's the gear icon) and you can make it look and feel just like it did before.
    Check: Layout-List
    Check: List Options-Checkboxes
    There is another Settings next to the Cox logo the 3 bars icon
    Go to Inbox-Check: Show date and time

    Hope this helps

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    Like I have mentioned previously, the reason for the new mail system may simply be because the contract with the previous mail system may have come to an end, and they wanted too much money to renew, so another bid came in, and Cox accepted that bid, Since the software you were previously using is owned by the previous mail system, it got changed when they went to a new carrier. Expect the same thing to happen the NEXT time they switch carriers.