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2 years ago

New 2Gbps service ONLY with Cox modem/router?

I presently have the Cox 1Gbps Internet service. Have generally been very satisfied with Cox service. Got a cable modem when first offered here (1998), and have upgraded to faster plans when offered.

Happened to see that 2Gbps service might be available in my area. Went to modify my plan, and saw that "Panoramic Wifi" seems to be automatically added to my bill. (Adds another $14/month to use Cox-supplied equipment.) There seems no choice to remove.

I do not want the funky cable modem/wifi/router combo. Rather buy and setup my own gear. (Worked with networks from the 1980s as an Engineer.)

Am I reading this right? Is there no choice?

If so, I can and will wait for Google's 2Gbps service. Yes, I know that I will need to buy a 2Gbps-capable modem and router. 

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    For 2Gbps service you need the Cox Panoramic gateway(PW8) AKA the Technicolor CGM4981. See thread here for gateway confirmation. The current work around is bridge mode and use your own router. That only works if you don't have or want wireless cable boxes, homelife, or other features that require router function. The hotspot IS still enabled, and you need to login to disable it if another Wi-Fi device will be close to it.

  • I'm pretty sure their online ordering system does this with all tiers of service.  When I got offered an upgrade to Giggleblast the site would force the Pananorama thingie into my cart with no option to remove.  I had to phone it in to get things sorted out.

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      In my thread I linked there is a post by _Luke who is a Cox employee. Pretty sure he is a DOCSIS engineer so I think he knows what he is talking about. If I had to guess the ICOMS(customer service database) service code is blocked unless you have the right equipment on your account. If so, a rep. wouldn't be able to override it IMO. Maybe that would change soon as other equipment is tested and approved.

      "It’s out there. But need a PW8 for now (and 2 OFDMs plus 1 MS OFDMA)"

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        The supported modem's list for retail devices does look to be out of date.  Modems like the Netgear CM2000 should be perfectly fine with multi-gig services.  Pretty sure most of the other modems that feature 2.5G+ Ethernet would be fine.