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6 years ago

Netflix in Santa Barbara / Goleta Very Slow(multiple locations)

Beginning on or about January 3, 2018, Netflix performance in our neighborhood began to be terrible.  My overall internet connection remains great as seen in this screenshot (and Cox's own speed test looks fine). . .

. . . and yet Netflix shows are pixelated, pause, buffer, hang, and Netflix's speed test site reports anywhere from 500 Kbps (Note, K, not M) to 1-2Mbps.

I asked my neighbor a couple doors down to try the same tests.  He reports same.  His overall connection is fine but he gets a max of 1.2Mbps at

Our internet connections our fine.  But our route to Netflix is terrible.  If I use my cellular connection on my phone to test, I'm able to see 5.2Mbps.  So my cellular is better than my Cox High Speed Internet Ultimate package when communicating with Netflix.

I hope someone is able to investigate this.  I'm assuming more information can be gleaned about my address/info by Cox personnel if needed.  Otherwise, if necessary, I can open a support ticket so I can give more personal/technical/address information.


--B in SB

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    Netflix in Irvine:

    Having the same problem, on i'm getting 79Kbps YES Kbps.

    However shows 33Mbps 

    Cox is throttling netflix.....

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    This is the same for Irvine / Orange County / CA. speedtest result : 120 Kbps speedtest result : 150 Mbps


  • Hello Everyone,

    We can look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address to so we can research this on your behalf.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    Thank you!  For me though, it may be fixed. (Netflix's speed test) now reports 300+ Mbps and Netflix is operating great again.

    If the problem returns, I'll send the email as requested.



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    As I feared, the problem returns.  Perhaps the momentary improvement was only due to it being early morning when few people were using Netflix on the west coast.

    I will write an email as directed.

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    Same here! Cox in Irvine, CA. is showing me 200Mbps. is showing 1.2Mbps. Called tech support; they denied any throttling and reset my modem. Speedtest is still 200Mbps and now is 160Kbps (KILObits, not MEGAbits). On phone with Cox again now and they are still denying the throttling, but it's pretty obvious this is the case. They are also throttling my DirecTV NOW. For years, I've had perfect HD streaming with no buffering. For the past week, I've been unable to watch any of my TV services. I'm going to go to the press – this is HUGE.

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    There are other possibilities besides intentional throttling.  I'm not yet ready to make accusations.  :)

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    Me too.  I'm in Rancho Palos Verdes and experiencing the exact same thing. I have the 2nd highest internet package and current speed is well over 100mbps.  Netflix speed is capped to 500kbps, confirmed via and also by looking at the adaptive stream stats. 

    This is completely unacceptable and renders Netflix basically unusable.  If it's not throttling then how do you explain the 500kbps? If this is true, I'm cancelling tomorrow.  

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    Add me to the list.  Cox - Irvine, CA.  I think this has something to do with how Cox started enforcing datacaps.  And it's not just Netflix that is being throttled.  Having issues with YouTubeTV as well.

  • Hi Everyone,

    We can certainly investigate the issues you are experiencing. While watching Netflix, are you getting any errors? What devices are impacted? How are these devices connecting to the internet? (Examples: Smart TV hard-wired to router, wireless laptop using Netflix in a browser, tablet or mobile device using the Netflix app, etc.) Determine the Netflix server IP address each device is using and run 3 traceroutes to that address. Email the traceroute results in text format to, along with a link to this thread and your full name/street address.