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3 years ago

My laptop cannot see my own home cox Wifi networks.

Can't see the wireless network on my Lenovo laptop. I can see other networks. I've reset the wireless adapter. I've made sure I have the most up to date software. Every other device in the house can see the two cox networks. I've attempted Hard resetting the modem and reconfiguring it. I was able to connect only 3 days ago to the wifi with the Lenovo.i tried to restore my laptop to a previous date when I could connect. All my adapter settings are correct. Why can I not see the Cox wifi networks in my own house? 

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    If your other devices are connected to wifi, then it's probably not your wifi router. Wifi has become pretty much plug and play, showing all available networks. Could it be that the list is long and hidden where you have to scroll down more to find it? Just a guess. My iPhone shows 8 or 9 networks just in my neighborhood.

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    WiFi lists are more of a nicety than a necessity and sometime you can't find what you're looking for.  This definitely isn't a problem with your router.  Manual entry has always worked for me.

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      It shows the Cox wifi. The list for wifi isn't that long so it's not a matter of scrolling. It shows quite a few networksm. Like from neighbors.  

      I just factory reset the laptop and it still doesn't show the home wifi. I don't have a separate router. It's an all on one modem /router from cox.

      I do have the 2.4G and 5G separate. 

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        Have you tried hardwiring the device to see if you can access the internet?

        Jonathan J
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    The Lenovo connected to the Panoramic 3 days ago.  Something had changed.

    Did you move the Leno since 3 days ago?  Sometimes distance or a stronger neighborly network on the same channel will show in the list.

    Does the Panoramic "channel hop?"  If the Pano automatically changes to a less crowded channel (since 3 days ago) and your Leno is "hard set" to an Ad Hoc channel, your WiFi may not appear because it's "listening" on a differing channel.

    Ad Hoc Channel.  Run devmgmt.msc > Scroll to Network Adapters > Locate Wireless NIC > Properties > Advanced

    Note some drivers for wireless adapters don't have an Ad Hoc option so this may be all for nothing.

    Were the Pano networks (2.4 & 5 GHz) always 2 separate networks or did you recently separate 'em?

    How did you "reset" its NIC?