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3 years ago

My internet goes out several times an hour for the last couple of months. Anyone else have the same problem. We live in the 85748 zip code.

We live in the 85748 zip code we loose our internet several times in hour for the last couple of months. When I call they are able to fix  it remotely. In fact just writing this it has gone out twice. Cox says there are no outages in our area. Very frustrating. Is anyone else having the same issue 

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    85635 and the latest months have been hell for me. 2 technicians and dozens of support chatting didn't help. Even tried to handle it with Netgear's customer support.

    The issue is dozens of intermittent connection issues throughout the day. They last for either 5-6 seconds or several minutes. It makes my remote working a nightmare as I drop out of meetings constantly.

    They checked the cables and the modem and told me that there shouldn't be any issues. Chat support is only 'resetting' and then see that I have internet and close the topic. I'm getting really frustrated. And seeing a closer ZIP code having a similar issue makes me wonder about the source of this issue...

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    I have the same issue in the Henderson area.  I've been monitoring it via PingPlotter and it happens 2-4 times an hour and seems to be the worst around noon.  During these windows of packet loss, I get multiple entries in the modem's event log with 3 unique types of warnings and errors:

    RNG-RSP CCAP Commanded Power Exceeds Value Corresponding to the Top of the DRW

    RNG-RSP CCAP Commanded Power in Excess of 6 dB Below the Value Corresponding to the Top of the DRW

    Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received - T3 time-out

    I have a tech scheduled to check out my installation tomorrow but I'm not having high hopes after looking at the forums.  

    To archive all of the modem events, I wrote a small program to poll the modem and log the events to a tab delimited file.  This way I can show proof, alongside my PingPlotter data, to show the correlation incase they end up telling me there is nothing wrong or blaming my equipment.  

    This program was made for a Motorola MB8600 but it may work on other Motorola models.  Let me know if you want a copy, I can even send you the source so that you can compile it yourself.

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      @Phrehnck, Please let us know if you continue to experience issues after the tech visit. We will be here to help. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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        I have good news to report but I hope I'm not celebrating too early.  My modem would log at least a couple dozen "CM-STATUS message sent. Event Type Code: 24/16" events but there hasn't been any new entries since the technician reconnect the coax yesterday.  Ping plotter was clean of read for the whole night and this morning.

        I was a bit disappointed when the cable tech just ran a test for packet drops.  After he was done, I asked him to check for any splitters as I wanted to make sure the modem was connecting directly to the cable feed.  He confirmed it was directly connected but he noticed that the grounding clip looked old so he replaced it.  I didn't think much of it at the time but now I'm starting to think that may have been the culprit. 

        I'll continue to monitor and report back in a week.

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    Was there an earthquake in the NV-AZ area?  Appears your cables have spun off their connectors.