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5 years ago

My cox email is not working.

I am not able to receive any email on my cox email account.  How do I troubleshoot this problem?  Has cox discontinued webmail?

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    @Charmaine, are you able to send and receive emails on If so, are you having issues receiving emails on a client device or program, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc? If you can send and receive emails on, then we recommend you change your password:

    Please ensure that the password matches the incoming and outgoing server settings. Here is a list of acceptable server settings for third-party client devices:

    -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      I also do not have email access. Been a customer for 20 years. Cox account page says no emails are associated with my account., android phone and thunderbird all do not work. When trying to send a email to my cox email  it comes back no such email. Live chat said there is a maintenance. What is A maintenance? I am finding it difficult to find reasons to stay as a customer

  • A month later an my email recently stopped.  I, however am a Cox customer with a email from back in 2003.  For the past week or so, I only get emails downloaded from cox every few hours at best.  Using Outlook 2013 on my PC.  (At the bottom of the Outlook window on my PC the blue bar that says "Connected" on the right side also says on the left side "Filter Applied."  What's that about?)  Anyway yesterday and tonight, trying to watch The Great Course Plus (streaming service on my ROKU TV from The Teaching Channel) I got a notification that they changed their login procedure and I needed to set a new password.  The site said I would get a instruction link by email for setting up a new P/W.  No email received yesterday or today!  Logged in on my PC and could not get to my account.  Called tonight and after waiting 30+ minutes was told they had a problem sending emails through, but they "were working on it."  Sounds like a Cox Problem to me.  This just, if anybody GIS. Cox truly **!

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      I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing email problems. Can you try signing into your account and see if you're able to access your email that way?