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3 months ago

Motorola MB8611 connection drops frequently

Hello All, I've been using a Motorola MB8611 cable modem for about 6 months. It's been very reliable and hardly ever drops the connection. Over the past week my modem is rebooting a few times a day....
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    2 months ago

    My issue with the Motorola modem ended up being the cable signal into my home was too strong and for some reason there were 2 splitters in the box where the cable goes into my home. Cox did a recent upgrade in my neighborhood. Post upgrade my modem began rebooting a few times a day until about 2 weeks post upgrade when it was rebooting every 20 min. After Cox service adjust the signal and removed the splitters the signal coming into the home was good and not more reboots to date.

    Good to know about the password on the Motorola with a 15 character limit. Shame on them for not documenting this in the instructions when installing the modem.