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2 years ago

Modem Activation

Last week I bought myself a new Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 modem, and plugged everything in to go through the activation process. This is the third time I've replaced my modem so I'm familiar with it and have never had issues.

This time though, trying to go to /activate and follow the steps - if the pages bother to load - is painfully slow. Finally, if I manage to get to the user login part of the process, it throws a 503 "Service is down or overloaded" error. I've done this multiple times in the last week and get the same response.

Is there something wrong with the service? Is there something wrong with the modem?


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    Just to clarify, you are getting a 172.x.x.x WAN IP and are using the self registration system right? When you type your username/password, that is when you get the error? Sounds like the self registration system is down. Try calling/emailing and have them manually register your modem.

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      Yep, self registration. I can get to my modem on and it looks fine. And I can get to the cox registration landing site, sometimes even to the login... it just falls apart after that. So it does seem like the service is having issues.

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        You need to call the self registration never works right

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    Let me ensure I am understanding correctly. When are you getting the 503? Are you able to navigate to and set the modem up, but then getting the 503 on the Cox site? Assuming you can get to the MB8611 console, when you go to Advanced, how are the signal levels looking? Are there errors on the Event Log?

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    Did this ever get resolved? I purchased the exact same model modem (MB8611) and have the same issue. I called last night to have modem activated remotely, but the non-US team needed to escalate to US team and it was off-hours. Curious if you ever got the MB8611 to work. I tried manually setting DNS addresses, static IP addresses to match my old modem. No dice. I would occasionally be able to access the page, and less frequently able to access the next page after hitting "activate modem". Mostly got page unable to load errors (either request timeout or no connection available).

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      If you still need assistance, feel free to email us at and we can assist with provisioning your modem. Please include your first/last name and home address.