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7 years ago

Managing Multiple Cox Email Accounts

I created a second email account as per instructions on this forum.  Setup was straight forward and working.  Big problem.  Whenever someone sends email to the new account, it also appears in the primary email account.  If I delete it from the primary, it disappears from the new account.  Is there a way with Cox to create a separate email entity, not tied into the primary mail account.  Tech Support suggests using their Webmail to create a second email account.  This is frustrating and negates any advantage of setting up a sub account.  If everything appears and disappears from both, what is the sense of the second account anyway.

Your thoughts please.


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  • Lenny33,

    You're using a primary and child account and see both are receiving duplicate emails? Are you using a client with a pop server or imap? If you're using a client for email, which one are you using?

    If you're using pop, then you may want to switch to imap. is a link for server settings if you're looking to change from pop to imap.