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3 months ago


Why is there so much maintenance without proper notice to the customer? How am I supposed to make arrangements for work when all of this scheduled maintenance keeps occurring but Cox won’t notify us. This is ridiculous. Can’t wait for another provider to offer service in our area. 

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  • Hello, I apologize you have experienced ongoing network issues. Cox values your business, and we want you to have a good and stable connection. I would be happy to provide clarity on the notification situation. We only notify with door hangers if there are "planned daytime outages". Outages such as the one you are in; we do notify but they will occur on the Cox app and once they have been announced. These outages are not notified ahead of time because not all homes are affected by outages. Sometimes customers are out, sometimes their not and there are intermittent connections as well. It is a grey area when it comes to outages and every home is different. If you need additional assistance, please email us your “full” name, “complete” address, and a copy of your post at for further assistance. Thank you!