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4 years ago

Low Download MBPS download speed

For the past five months I've had the  Preferred 150 Internet Service.  To date I have never been able to get more than 90 mbps; as a matter of fact I'm averaging anywhere from 74 mbps to 90 mbps. This morning I got 89.2 mbps.  I've previously looked at your website and tried all the possible solutions that were recommended.  There's nothing wrong with my WIFI connection or computer. I was getting faster mpbs speeds from my previous provider using the same equipment.  My cable modem router is NETGEAR AC1900 (model c7000v2) and I'm running Windows 10.  There's no problem with the upload mbps.  I would appreciate your assistance.

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    Not to insult your "all possible solutions" but explain how you're doing speed tests.