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3 years ago

Lousy Support

I am really disgusted with COX INTERNET! I have worked in Customer Service for years and I have always noted a customer's account whenever they have called or chatted in about their service. Documentation is important for many reasons. Why is it that COX Representatives DO NOT do that? TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE, COX. You're a bunch of cheap, lazy thieves!

COX has gotten too big for their small panties and I wanna see someone take them out of business. Don't think it can't be done!

Ya'll  tick me off - don't bother with a generic Robo response either! I can smell those 10 miles away!

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    We apologize, we strive to provide the best customer experience possible and what you have just explained is completely unacceptable! All accounts should be noted anytime we access them. I'd really like to take the time to review your account and take the necessary steps to ensure the parties involved are coached to avoid this from occurring in the future. I'd hate to take more time away from you, but if you get a chance, please email me at with your service address and name as this will allow us to locate your Cox account and proceed with having this matter addressed. Also, if you can provide the names, date, and time that would also be helpful.

    Jonathan J
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