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4 years ago

Lose internet at the same time everyday


I have been working from home for the last 6 months.  For the first 2 months, every night my internet would go down at 7:32pm.  For some reason after that, the time changed to 11:40am for about 2 months, and now for the last two months, I can gaurantee that my internet will go out at 3:35pm every single day.  What can I do to resolve this issue? They have tried resetting the modem, etc.  

Please help! 

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    I've had the same issue, I called to report an outage and they stating nothing is wrong.  I asked what they could do to help and they stated my modem was older. Recommendation was to get a new one. They offered one at $5 a month discounted.  I call a week later and no modem is shipped,  no record of the deal they offered. Cox is terrible. 

  • I am not seeing any continual errors/timeouts or anything of that nature up to your modem at least. Your modem does not look like it has been reset in a long time (about 78 days). If you are unplugging just the power cord, it is likely not rebooting the modem as you have a battery in your specific modem for phone service in case the power goes out. You would either need to unplug and remove the battery simultaneously or press and hold the reset button in the back of it until it resets.

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