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2 years ago

Literally the WORST service, this is getting out of hand

We have to sign in to our VPN at least 3 times a work day for the past week.. I’ve had to resort to using the phone hot spot… W T F is happening? 

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    Don't know WTF is happening. Are you on WiFi? Are you connected via ethernet? What kind of Modem/Router are you using? Does the modem restart or does it remain online when you lose connection? This is a forum for users to assist other users with technical issues. If all you want to do is kvetch, you are in the wrong place. If you would like to troubleshoot and see if we can assist in rectifying this issue you are having, then how about providing some information!

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    In addition to the questions Darkatt asked, how does VPN figure in the picture? What VPN, all devices using VPN, only a certain set? For instance, Google One VPN on a PC does not appear to be stable and may require stopping and restarting VPN multiple times a day, even though there aren't issues on my phone, and the internet connection appears stable with no significant issues in the event log.