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11 months ago

Lightning Strike - Internet Issues

Our neighborhood took a bad lighting strike yesterday and now the internet connection is either completely out or comes back on for a few minutes before dropping again.

Being an electrician myself I can safely say it's not a problem with my equipment, it's outside my home, trust me I've checked.

The problem with Cox is they won't take emergency outage calls on the weekend and the best we can get is a later appointment in which the charge $75 for a technician even if it's not a problem in the home.

There isn't a call number to reach customer support for field service during an outage, unless you have one?

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    Try or one of their contact methods in the Welcome Thread. Lightening can do all sorts of damage. Have you confirmed there are no electrical outages around you? Even if a neigborhood over, it could be where your node or CMTS is.

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      It was mostly resolved, the lightning struck the ground close to my house and fried the underground coax from the street to my outside box.Cox repairmen layed down a temporary one across the surface and said they'd come back and bury it, that was a week ago. But at least we have service again.


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    The 75$ charge information is inaccurate. If the problem is a cox issue outside your home, BEFORE it reaches the demarc on the home itself, they won't charge you 75$