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Lifting Data Cap Covid-19

I'm curious if Cox will follow in the footsteps of AT&T and Comcast in removing the data cap limit during the outbreak. 

I work for Hartford Healthcare in CT, and more folks like myself are starting to work from home during the outbreak, and with my ability to remotely monitor our hospital's systems via VPN, I'll burn through my limit fairly quickly. 

Cox? This seems like an easy PR win.

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    Yeah, Cox actually do something to help the customer and take money they didn’t earn? That will be the day! But in all honesty it would be nice if they would do like the rest of the ISP’s and take away the data cap for the for the time being.

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    Deduct the fee for exceeding your Data Caps as a business expense.

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      That's true.  Money saved on gas, childcare, dry cleaning...taking a shower in the AM...etc would be more than removing data caps.

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        Are overalls a suit?  😆

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    I too would like to know this response. I will be moving soon, and will also be looking to see how they react to this. If they don't remove data caps during this time, then I will definitely be using another service provider in my new house.

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      I would suggest a company that doesn't have data caps. There are still a few that will give you great high speed internet without them and I know that because I use to work for one. lol

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      I know the popular thing is to hate on comcast. But they at least got the message and have spent the last decade fixing every issue, and in my opinion and experience has become one of the strongest/best ISPs and they always are the first to reach out during emergencies to do things positive for their service. Just my .02

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    it's not really a cox issue, are you working on commission or salaried?

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      No.  It is a Cox issue.  These are only charged is places where a monopoly is held by the carrier.  Already a lack of competition issue.  Now a lack of compassion issue. The solution is to complain to the FCC on the first one.  

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    I logged in to post this same question. I would very much like a response. 

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    Yes. Cox along with virtually every other ISP and Carrier in the US have signed onto an FCC compact called Keep Americans Connected. The FCC says that signatories to the pact will suspend data caps, data overage charges, late fees, disconnect fees, disconnections for non payment, waive access charges for public hotspots, waive long distance charges and prioritize healthcare workers and hospital connections for 60 days as the nation deals with the economic impact of the novel Coronavirus. 

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      So, nothing about data caps as other ISP's are adopting.  Way to go Cox, not

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    This is a must have now that both my spouse and I are working from home and 4 kids are doing school from home.  That's a lot of streaming all day long.  It would be absurd for Cox to not remove data caps during this time.

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      @JTinnin, data overage charges incurred on or after March 16th will not be billed. This will be in effect through May 15th and is a part of our ongoing effort to keep our customers connected during the COVID-19 work and school closures. Customers who have the add-on plans of 500 GB or Unlimited will be automatically credited over the next two bill cycles. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I just got a warning email that I went over my allowed data usage. Cox is going to have a PR nightmare if they gouge customers during this difficult time.