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4 years ago

Las Vegas issues

I've been a Cox customer since I moved to Vegas in '16.  Internet only, I upgraded to Gigablast a couple of years ago, dropped satellite TV for online streaming, got a bunch of smart devices (cameras, lights, audio streaming devices, thermostats) and set up my smart home.  The ONLY reason I did this was because Cox's service had been rock solid and continued to be until a couple of weeks ago.  In the last two weeks I've had more outages than in the previous 4 years!!  Not sure what's going on in Vegas, we aren't having any type of natural disasters like some other parts of the country that would affect our service.  Now here I am with a completely smart home that is very dependent on my service being up all the time.   When an outage happens, I can't watch TV, listen to music, monitor my cameras or control my other smart devices.  Making me rethink a "smart" home.   

I hope Cox gets it together or else I'm looking elsewhere.

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