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5 years ago

Las Vegas - Cox Needs to Address Persistent Upload Stream Issues

I'm absolutely fed up with Cox and their excuses. This forum is packed-full of Las Vegas area residents complaining about persistent upload speed issues. Many of us work from home and require upload speed to do our jobs, including me. Since I moved to the Las Vegas area in August there has literally been more days with little to no upload speed, then days where my connection was fine. I'm paying $149/mo for service that I'm not receiving. Cox has now acknowledged this fault on their end to me twice and given me 2 complete months credits towards my service. This is NOT what I want. The loss of revenue I'm experiencing at Cox's hands because they're unable to provide me with a steady upload speed is becoming incalculable.

I'm considering breaking my lease and moving out of the city ENTIRELY because Cox is unable to perform their contracted duty to provide me with adequate service. If this problem persists it will only be a matter of months before it becomes financially infeasible for me to stay in the Las Vegas marketplace. I absolutely love the Las Vegas area, but Cox has single-handedly ruined my livable experience here by refusing to take responsibility for their infrastructure decay. 

Over the years I've had Spectrum, Comcast, AT&T & Hughsnet and I've never, ever been treated so poorly or had such shoddy services provided by an ISP. Your call centers are literally designed to put a normal customer into an endless 'upsell loop', where you #1 blame the customer, #2 upsell the customer, #3 blame the customer. Whats worse, is any knowledgeable customer who can do their own troubleshooting and identify that these issues are not their fault are treated to a 'Level 2 Tech Call Center' where 'that's where the hierarchy ends'. 

Below are some of my very real concerns: 

#1, Why can't I speak with a higher level tech or a senior field tech? The host company I work for has already identified that my problems are coming from Cox's first hop from my modem. This is a Cox street-level issue. Cox doesn't seem to care that I can better identify the exact IP culprit of my upload stream packet loss then they can. So Cox, why am I unable to speak with somebody who can actually resolve the issue? 

#2, When my tickets are "escalated and trended" I never hear another word from Cox regarding a solution. No email, no call, no notification that work needs to be done, has been done etc. It's a guessing game because some days my connection is fine and other days its not even there at all. If I call Cox Call Centers 40 times over 2 months and have multiple tickets 'escalated and trended' and Cox has admitted to me that this is their issue to resolve, do I NOT deserve a notification of whats going on? This is unacceptable. 

#3, Cox needs to make a statement to the Las Vegas area residents, apologizing for service issues and letting us know HOW these issues will be resolved with a timeline to resolution. I could care less how much "money cox reinvests in its communities and infrastructure', because its clearly not enough to give me a basic consistent upload stream. 

#4, When you post here on the Cox Support Forums, users should realize that this does not mean you're 'opening a ticket'. Found this out the hard way. You can post here all you want, but the Cox Support Forums are managed by non-regionally based low-level tech support personnel and there is no guarantee all of these hundreds of posts and replies from users are being monitored or escalated correctly. 

#5, There are Las Vegas area Cox customers on this forum claiming ongoing upload speed issues for over three (3!!!!) years running. This is unacceptable.

#6, The last level 2 technician I spoke with yesterday actually had the gonads to tell me to get local residents riled up about these issues, and that if not enough people  complain and escalate tickets, call in daily, write the forums with complaints etc. that these issues will NEVER be resolved because Cox assumes they're isolated situations. To translate; Cox tech support call centers are telling me to 'unionize' local residents to complain so much to Cox through every method we have that some Cox executive will finally get the picture and send out the correct teams to the correct areas. Is this a joke Cox? Your words not mine. 

#7, No I don't want another technician at my home. Send the technician to the node, first hop, whatever you want to call it, and if the technician needs access to my home to ensure the work was done correctly, so-be- it. So far however, there has been 0 follow up communication from Cox regarding any of these issues on my end. 

#8, Cox tech's SHOULD NEVER recommend that "you look into getting fiber installed" when Cox is clearly NOT laying fiber in the Las Vegas market. I've confirmed this and re-confirmed the fact that cox does NOT lay fiber in Las Vegas at this time. So why are your Tech's telling me to "just get a fiber installation"? Is this a joke Cox? I would LOVE to get fiber run into my home, but unfortunately the Las Vegas market is clearly not worth your time. This is unacceptable and just plain insulting to hear it over and over from Cox personnel. Your own personnel should be better informed. 

Cox is doing a great disservice to the local population of Las Vegas and the American people by not addressing these issues on a timely manner. As a proud American and a working professional with my own small business I'm ashamed of the behavior I've experienced at Cox Communications hands. Without reliable upload speeds offered to its residences, how does the Las Vegas marketplace expect to contend with communities that are installing fiber and offering quality broadband internet services. Working professionals, streamers, video editors, computer scientists and engineers and countless other professions will be exiting Las Vegas is droves over the next years until their is either genuine competition in broadband services in this marketplace or Cox Communications decides to prioritize infrastructure maintenance. 

Please call, write and complain to Cox weekly regarding your Las Vegas area connection problems or we'll never get these issues resolved. 

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    Hi HandsomeChef, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. I understand the service issues you've been experiencing have caused tremendous anger and frustration. I'm truly sorry you're having this experience, and our social media team will do whatever takes to resolve this for you. Cox invests billions of dollars into its network infrastructure, to provide faster and more reliable services to its customers in the long run. Here is some information about our network improvements:

    Cox serves roughly 6 million residential and commercial customers across 18 states, and we have a vast and complex network infrastructure. In reference to your services, I am detecting about 2% packet loss on your modem, which can cause intermittent connectivity and slow upload speeds to occur. Prior to having this case escalated to our Field Team, I'd like to have a technician go out and attempt to resolve this issue while in the home. Please email us at, and include a link to this forum thread. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Kevin M. As stated multiple times, what will a technician at my home do that hasn't already been done? I've had my lines replaced, my equipment checked, replaced etc. How many tech's do you need to send to my residence before a field team checks on the first hop? 

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        Please email us at, if you continue to experience issues with our service once the technician leaves the home. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator