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4 years ago

Just had to demand for an aggressive technician to leave.

I scheduled an appointment to have another cable outlet ran. No issue, $60 fee or something I was told by customer service. The cable technician arrives and I show him where and why I want another line ran to this room. I want the TV and Modem on two separate cable runs to avoid using a splitter. That's all I wanted, plain and simple. However, instead, he became aggressive asking why and that it will make no difference and blah blah blah. I firmly told him "Look, I don't want to get into a debate with you. I want my modem and TV to be on separate runs, plain and simple. We were told we could have another cable ran by customer service for a fee, that's all we want." He quickly raised his voice at me and became more aggressive and started walking out of the room cursing and being verbally abusive while saying "Fine, I'll run you a **** cable!". I raised my voice and firmly told him to leave. He refused. This time I firmly said to get off our property. He started yelling at me "Are you threatening me?!" I calmly said "I'm not threatening you. I'm telling you to get off our property". He insisted that I was threatening him and that if I said another word that he was going to call the police. By this point, he's standing outside our front door and as soon as he said that, I closed and locked the door. He made a phone call and left.

I'm speechless and in shock... All he had to do was run a 2nd cable to this room, which we were paying for him to do, but instead he gets argumentative and aggressive and that's not someone I feel safe being around, let alone drilling holes in the house.

I honestly cannot believe this just happened. If a Cox Technician reads this, can you please let me know how I can file a legal complaint against this technician? I felt very unsafe around him.

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    i'm betting you said something to him that you're not mentioning in your post!!

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    That's certainly not the kind of experience we want any of our customers to have. Feel free to email us at with your account info and we can look into this matter further.