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11 months ago

Issues with outages.

About 72 hrs ago, we were getting nonstop texts about outages being reported, and then resolved. 

However during that time, and currently, we have not been able to get our internet working.  We have the new Panoramic Wifi Gateway router/modem, provided by Cox. It’s has been doing nothing but blinking orange, then blinking green in a continuous cycle. We’ve unplugged it, reset it, every troubleshooting method out there to no solution 

We’ve talked to Cox (phone and live chat) they argue with us saying there is no outage, sent signals etc, only for them to get off the phone and we get a new text saying there is an outage in our local area. This has continued for 72 hrs. They refuse to acknowledge an outage, only to have us tied to the phone for an hour of “troubleshooting.”

The earliest technician appointment is 4 days from now.

Anyone dealt with similar and have an idea what to do short of going into the store, which we’re planning on doing next.

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    Sounds like your getting some signal but not enough to lock on for service. Try posting your signal levels. You can find them by going to > user:admin password:password > Connection > Cox Network. You would want to post your downstream and upstream levels. See here on how to upload a image to the forum or if easier, upload it to Imgur and post the link.

    Also, do you have any other outlets in your house? If so, you could sacrifice those outlets(TV service?) and use a coaxial coupler to bypass your splitter. They might have couplers at the Cox store, if not, buy them online or any hardware store. For every 2 way splitter you bypass you improve your signal levels by 3.5dB. I am hoping that can get you by until a technician can get out there. 

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    Whoever you were talking to was an idiot. If you modem is offline, they cannot "send a signal to it", because it has to be online to see ANYTHING sent to it! Now, what ^^^^^^^^^^^ He said. 

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      If the script monkey has a button to press to reset the gateway, they will press it. Monkeys like to push buttons. 🐒

  • We were experiencing something similar - no internet, no WiFi, no telephone service. It came back and went off a few times yesterday. Like you, I was ready to go to the store, contact PURA and DPC. before it finally came back on and stayed on. I did power down the Cox Panoramic Gateway router/modem once but I believe the fix occurred on the node or wider. Just did a speed test with the Providence server - 90 down, 52 up.