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4 years ago

Issues Broadcasting on Twitch / Upload


I'm a Cox Gigablast customer and haven't had any issues streaming / broadcasting on Twitch prior to the other day. As advertised, I usually get 30 - 35 mbps through speedtest/ookla, etc. When trying to broadcast at 6000kbps I experience constant frame drops (visible in OBS Studio) where the upload would drop every few seconds to varying values (anywhere from 1200 kbps to just under 6000 kbps).

Has anyone been experiencing this lately? It's very frustrating because not only do I need Twitch, but I need the ability to stream/upload video for work.

I've already tried resetting, power cycling my modem/router. I've chatted with Cox technicians (via the chat feature) and the only recommendation was to have a tech visit (which I'm not sure I'm comfortable with at the time). I am hard wired as well.

Any help / guidance would be appreciated.

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    Hi @ MarkMan23,

    I know latency while streaming can be frustrating to deal with. Are you able to perform a traceroute, WinMTRs, or PingPlotter and post the results?

    Ben S.
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