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5 years ago

Issue With Bridged CM And pfSense FW

My Netgate SG-2220 FW running pfSense gets its public IP from a bridged Arris TG1682.  Logs suggest connectivity is lost mostly in the early morning hours around the time the IP address is renewed.  The only way I can restore connectivity is to release and renew the public IP.  I've made some incremental tweaks to the WAN DHCP client configuration but so far haven't hit the sweet spot.  

For those who've bridged a Cox modem and are using your own firewall, what settings did you have to tweak to make your setup reliable, e.g. add a host name, IP alias or change DHCP protocol timings?  

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    Bridging the modem you have isn't supported and could produce unpredictable results. If you're wanting to use the setup you have now you might be better off turning in our modem and purchasing a stand alone modem that is designed to work with an external router.

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      I have an owned Moto MB7420 that I set aside when Cox offered the current modem rent free for two years.  Will switch 'em out and go from there.