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3 years ago

Is is legal for Cox to auto-upgrade my Internet from Starter to Essential???

I'm on autopay and my credit card company sent me a notice of a price increase on my Cox bill. 

The way Cox has arranged it, they increased me to "Essential" for some $10 more, and you have to "order" a price decrease to get back to what it was last month, (after they already charged me the new rate.) Plus the way it's all set up, it makes it look like you're ordering a new service (it better not be!) saying my equipment has 2 day shipping.

(I've always had my own modern and wifi gear since the Internet was available. It's downright STUPID to ever rent internet equipment when you can buy a modem on Amazon for what you'll pay in 10 or 12 month's rental fee, and then it's YOURS to keep, with no more fees.

It reminds me of back in the days of "Ma Bell" when the government broke up their monopoly and allowed you to buy your own phone instead of being forced to rent it.

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    Hi St8kout,

    We'd be glad to review your bill. Please send us an email to with your full name, account holder's name, and street address so we can take a look at your account.

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      After spending a few hours back and forth in chat and on the phone, they FINALLY resolved my problem. I now have the "Starter" plan for some $20 CHEAPER than last month's bill.

      I never needed 50Mbps and will do just fine with 25. Netflix themselves will tell you that you only need a minimum of 5Mbps, as long as you're not trying to stream 4K.

      They set the online service to automatically rent you their modem for $12/mo (I bought my modem for $69 on Amazon, so that's some 6 months rental fee.) I will be sending their modem right back to them.


      I sent the email.

      I was told that the rate I had was from a promotion from 1 year ago, that ended. I don't remember being told it was only a promotion, but that I only wanted to downgrade to the cheapest service available.

      Scroll down to the bottom of this link for the "Lower your bill..."