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2 years ago

is anyone having issues with the auto pay or whatever Cox calls it?

In the past number of months I have been charged "return payment fees" for payments on their system, however my bank says that they show no denied payments. I am now on cash only, so need to drive across town to their office, after stopping by the bank, to use my card at the ATM to get the cash that they say the bank refuses to give them. 

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    It sounds like you're saying your payments were previously being made with Easy Pay, but Cox changed you to cash only, after multiple attempts to debit your deposit account failed.  Since it worked before and stopped working, it's reasonable to infer that something changed.  You'd know if you changed your deposit account, so Cox must have changed your Easy Pay information.  Someone at Cox could have done maintenance on the wrong account.  Since your payment information has already been changed, it may be more difficult to determine what routing and account number they'd been using for your payment.  However, their Easy Pay system should have an audit trail that retains that information.  You could contact Cox Billing and ask them to verify the bank account information that had previously been used.  If they're willing and able to do that, you'll probably have to provide your account information to them and trust they'll tell you if the information they had was incorrect.  Then they'll have to trust that you didn't give them a new account number.  They might have an audit trail that includes the bank account number of your last Easy Pay payment and be satisfied that a mistake had been made.  Otherwise, you may have to visit them in person and bring a bank statement that includes the last Easy Pay payment.  You'll also have to hope they reach the same conclusion that your payments failed because your Easy Pay information had been changed in error by someone at Cox.

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