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2 years ago

IPV6 Input Drops

Hi, I am currently having some issues with my Panoramic Router/Modem combo, where it has so much traffic via an IP leak or some kind of thing, to where I have over 13,000 IPV6 Input Drops via the Modem in the first 11 hours of the day. This causes my internet to sporadically disconnect all of my devices and require reconnecting, as the modem is being overloaded with traffic. I contacted the IT chat yesterday, but their professional opinion was "Outages in your area" which was 0 help because it was not the truth. If anyone has any useful help on this topic, IE getting the devices IP released and reassigned, please let me know! Thank you!

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    try temporarily disabling IPv6 and see what happens. 

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      How do you disable IPv6 on a Panoramic gateway? I thought it was uncontrollable. Just another reason to buy your own router.

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        You do it on your devices.