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9 months ago

Internet usage "spike" before end of cycle

I haven't ever exceeded 89gb/day over the last 2 months (as far back as you can see online). I typically use around 50gb or less per day, and have not exceeded my monthly limit in 10 months of using the service. Yesterday, I get an email saying I'm at 90% of my data usage for the month but that my cycle would be resetting the next day. Coincidentally, the day before the cycle was going to reset, Cox is saying I used 258gb in one day - the equivalent of streaming 4k video for 30+ hours - and now I'm over my data limit for the month. 

Support suggested someone may be stealing my WiFi (there are no unauthorized devices on my router) and I should reset my password. No way to check which devices are using that much data. 

Maybe it's a crazy coincidence and a WiFi pirate logged in the day before my cycle reset and used 400% more data than usual, or Cox is artificially inflating the numbers at the end of the month in order to collect "overdraft" data fees. If there's an attorney or other customers interested in investigating this, I would be interested to see what you find. 

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    Have you been able to take a look at your data usage meter yet?  It does have some useful information as to how that data is being used.  I'd be more than happy to look into this for you as well.  Please send me an email to and include your full name and address along with a link to this forums post. 

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      This cycle (1401GB) - I was at 1156/1280 limit before the last day 

      • Streaming 37%
      • Web 24%
      • Other 20%
      • Gaming 15%
      • Audio 2%
      • App Downloads 2%


      Last cycle (864GB)

      • Web 34%
      • Streaming 26%
      • Other 25%
      • Gaming 9%
      • App Downloads 3%
      • Social Media 3%
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        Thank you for that information. Upon looking at both last and this cycle, I can see where each category has increased up few % or more. You have already changed your password to make sure no unauthorized devices are on the signal. As far as checking to see what is taking that much data, I recommend doing a monitoring test on your devices and services. An example is pausing your internet services when you are going to sleep. When doing this test, we know that from 10 pm to 7 am as an example, no services are being used. Depending on the router, you should have an app that comes with the router, and it should allow you to pause the services. If you have a pano modem, the Wi-Fi app will allow you to pause services.


        Cox social Media Specialist 

  • Same thing has happened to me. Last month I had 2 days spike to almost 200gb of usage each day when I avg between 30gb-40gb a day. I got the same explanation of "someone is using your connection". No unknown devices connected. 

    I had an older panoramic router so I decided to upgrade to a newer on at the beginning of this month. New router, new password. Same avg usage daily, 30gb - 40gb. Yesterday spiked to 197gb used in one day. Wasn't home all day. Got the same explanation again "change your password".

    I pay for gigablast, and I'm lucky to get 300mbps at the highest on any device, now I have to deal with unexplained spikes in usage? 

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    Since the November 2023 billing cycle, I have been hit with ~ $70 of data overage charges each month. I followed the process and opened a ticket with support, which was of no help. They just kept referring me to the "data usage meter" report in my account portal and claimed it was accurate. I asked for a copy of specific traffic logs so I could audit accuracy and hopefully identify the root cause source device(s). They advised me that specific information wasn't captured. I asked how they could classify my traffic as "web browsing" versus "social media" versus "network management and testing" (according to their data meter) if they didn't have the specific data from their logging. They had no answer for that query. My next step was to register a complaint with my local utility regulator (PURA for Connecticut). Literally the day after I submitted my complaint (and included several other Cox forum posts indicating other customers with very similar issues), I received a call from a "Cox Escalation Specialist", who basically repeated the talking points from the original service call I opened. It appears PURA didn't do anything other than literally pass along a complaint to a utility they are supposed to regulate. Not happy with this development, I contacted my local State Senator's Office and asked them to intervene on my behalf. All I am asking for is specific and accurate data to support Cox' claim of excessive use. It seems like this is a concerted effort to dissuade customers from complaining in the hopes they will simply pay the recurring charges or upgrade to a more expensive unlimited data plan.

    If Cox can prove their claims of excessive usage, I will be happy to pay or upgrade without complaint, but until then, I don't plan to let this rest. 

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      Hello seanpatrickryan,


      The Cox Data Usage Meter has been tested and certified for its accuracy by Cox and Netforecast, an independent third party. The Data Usage Meter reports traffic from both download and upload. As for wanting to see more details of the reported usage, I can help share your feedback.