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12 months ago

Internet Stutters

Every so often, multiple times a day, I will lose connection and then gain it back less than a minute later. It makes gaming real hard and inconsistent. I just want to know what the issue could be and how to fix it.

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    Lot's of things can cause lose of connection. Let me ask you some questions to isolate the issue;

    1. When you lose connection, does it effect all devices at the same time?

    2. Does it effect both wired and wireless devices?

    3. What model modem/router/gateway do you have?

    4. When you lose connection, do the lights on the modem/gateway change?

    5. Has this been happening since day 1 of install? If not, anything changed?

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      1. The only device that its noticed on is my desktop.
      2. The desktop is wire connection.
      3.Panorama Wifi Gateway, Internet Ultimate 500
      4. I havent noticed, but I was also not looking.
      5. Its been happening the past month. 3 months after install.

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        Next time it happens, test multiple devices. Also look at the gateway and see what light is on it. Here is a page breaking down what the lights mean. Another test you could do is see if you can ping That would show if it's a router issue or a Cox issue.

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    Did you tweak the MTU size on your computer?

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    I've had this same problem in Arizona since Cox did overnight maintenance a couple days ago. It only happens during the day. Once the sun is down, it stops. My phone, and smart TV lose internet from the wifi, then reconnect a random amount of time later. My phone says "connected without internet" before it reconnects. My PS4 is wired, and it kicks me from the game lobby and party chat for a random amount of time. It's infuriating. It never did this before the overnight maintenance.