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9 months ago

Internet speed high, but everything loads slow

Since the big “update” a few weeks ago, I’ve been having issues with internet cutting in and out and more importantly everything being slow as molasses when it does work. I’ve done multiple speeds tests and everything appears ok, but all my devices on Wi-Fi load insanely slow. Just opening and loading the cox Wi-Fi app takes 5-10 seconds. Websites on a PC can also take 5-10 seconds. Turning on the TV with an Amazon fire stick takes nearly 30 seconds to load the Home Screen. Trying to figure out what could be causing the slow usage while also showing 200mbps+. I saw some into about clearing DNS cache and also saw IPV6 could be an issue, but from what I have seen access it pretty minimal using the app. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!

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      as of this am running ~450 down, 55 up, 17 idle latency , 53 down latency, 23 down latency

      Is there a way to adjust DNS on non-PC items? Biggest issues are things like amz firestick where I didnt recall seeing that granular a setting. Is that something I could set on the cox router itself? I did change to google DNS on one PC and didn't notice much change. Since the issues only started after their planned outage, I wonder if I need to reset something on the router side? (not meaning reset the router. Done that multiple times)


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        If changing dns helped, you can update the DNS on the router to whatever DNS you want to use and then devices connected to it will use that DNS.