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9 months ago

Internet Outage/Neighbors have internet?

Can someone explain to me why it shows an internet outage in my area, and Ive been experiencing it for the past 8 hours today as well as 12 hours a few days earlier, but none of my neighbors who have the same service are not experiencing any issues? Along with no updates that a human can seem to tell me? I don't want to drop the service but I think I don't have a choice

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    I apologize you are having trouble with our service. We will need to review your account to investigate. Please reach out to us privately at with your account info including your full street address and a link to your forum post.


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    dkarnosky wrote:

    but none of my neighbors who have the same service are not experiencing any issues

    So, if none of your neighbors are not experiencing any issues, wouldn't that mean they're all experiencing issues too?  If that's confusing, re-read what you wrote and leave out the 'not'.     

    Here are possible reasons why you could experience an outage when your neighbors aren't.

    1. The outage you see reported is a different neighborhood in your general area and you have an issue on your side of the mainline tap.  That would affect you, but not your neighbors.
    2. You're in a partial outage area that's only affecting customers with some TBD signal issue that you have but your neighbors don't.
    3. You're in the outage area, but your neighbors are connected to a different network node that isn't experiencing an outage.
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    Apologies for the grammatical mistake and appreciate the response!