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10 months ago

Internet Outage

I recently changed my service provider from Century Link to Cox because I recently started working from home and thought it would be faster connection and better service. However, I am beginning to second guess my change. I had been with Century Link for over 10 years and had sporadic outages with my connection. With Cox it seem to be having outages several times everyday for the past week and before this several times a week. Am I the only one this has been happening to recently? I have the Internet Unlimited 500 and also purchased EERO because the technician said it would help with Wi-Fi connection. 
Working from home and having these issues is affecting my work production and making me look bad as it continues to disconnect during meetings and calls to clients. Can this be fixed? If it cannot, does anyone know of a different service provider with better service?


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    No, you are not alone! Power outages with Cox have been occurring for awhile now. There was an outage for several hours yesterday, and today, I've been without internet since around 5 pm, and it is now 8 pm. Some weeks the internet works great with zero problems and other days it is a constant issue. 

  • Hello, I am very sorry you have not had the best experience with Cox. I know I would be frustrated as well if my services were not consistent. We value your business, and I would be happy to help. Please email us your full name and complete address at for further assistance. Thank you!

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      I suspect poor JulianN here is caught in the eternal struggle between the light and the dark.  These responses look canned, shallow, and pedandic (I'm sure somebody reading this somewhere will get a chuckle from that comment).

      JulianN will probably get a 5 out of 5 on his/her/whatever eval in terms of hitting all of the required quality points for posting these empathy statements repeatedly on various posts but such statements don't address the points the original poster is inquiring about.  Sadly there's but only so many ways you can rephrase such statements without sounding robotic.

      JulianN is truly a real American hero fighting the good fight, caught in a struggle between good and evil.  Unfortunately the customer is left to hang out to dry.

      I wish you the best of luck on your journey, JulianN

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      You don't value s**t!!! I've listened to Cox's BS for years when I'm paying over $100.00+ for internet and it goes down multiple times a week.  Cox never reimburses when service goes down but keeps charging me the same fee when I have internet half the time. 

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      So, update yesterday I had about four dropped internet meetings due to outages by Cox. Sure my boss was happy about that. So far today and it's only 1015 here in AZ, I have had two dropped meetings because of Cox. Pretty sure my boss thinks I just don't want to be part of the meetings. Don't think k goi g to is going to fix anything. Might have to look at going back to Century Link, they might be a little slower but at least they don't have as many outages.

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        Hello Bledwards34, 

        I am sorry that you keep getting disconnected from meetings. I work from home too, so I understand the importance of having service that you can rely on. You should not be experiencing so many outages. Do you see outages reported at or through the Cox app when these interruptions happen? You can find out more about outages at If you are experiencing interruptions when an outage is not declared, there may be more going on and a technician may be needed. You can email us at to allow us to review the account and schedule a service call if needed. We want you to be able to depend on our service and certainly wouldn't want to see you go.


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    Nope not just you I've had it go out three times this week for hours at a time. Cox is absolutely the worst internet provider. Thankfully we're getting google fiber so I can kiss cox goodbye!! 

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      I'm sorry to hear you've been so impacted by interruptions lately. I would be unhappy about that as well. I regret this experience has led you to wanting to switch providers. I'd still be glad to further investigate these issues and assist with your billing concern. Please feel free to email us at, message us on Facebook or DM us. Thank you.