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2 years ago

Internet keeps losing connection

I have a netgear c6300.  It seems connectivity either slows down or lose connectivity between 11pm and 2am.  The last week, it keeps dropping dropping all together.  I was finally able to open my router specs and there were some correctables, but noticed that the upstream only locked one out of four channels.  I checked again in the morning and now it’s four out of four.  Is this a Cox issue or my router issue?

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    I switched the cables between my cable tv and my internet.  The dropping stopped and the event log only showed a few notices/warnings since the switch.  The network has been stable for 2 days with no issues.

    I would however like faster connection.  My speed test showed it runs anywhere from 15-20mbs  d/s and 8-9.5 u/s. U/s seems good since my max is 10. However,  my subscription says I should have up to 250 d/s.  Any thoughts on what I can do?  Is there some kind of update that Cox can push?