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2 years ago

Internet drops and inconsistent speed (zip 68127)

I have been having internet connection stability issues and inconsistent download speeds on and off for a week now. It began on Mon, 12.19 and Cox reported that I was in an outage. Despite this, I was able to stay connected but a much lower speeds than my 1GBps plan (like, less than 100Mbps). This happened again on Thurs 12.22 and Fri, 12.23. Connectivity was worse and I had to use my mobile hotspot to do my remote work. Cox reported the outage and was updating via text (kept pushing out the resolution ETA from Thursday morning, to Thursday evening, to Friday). Mid-afternoon on Friday, it was reported cleared and everything was fine over the weekend (speed test was well over 1GBps DL).

The issues started again at 7:30 CST today and I saw it in real-time. I was watching a video and then "unstable network" message appeared. I tried chatting online with an agent, but during one message exchange I couldn't get connected and the chat timed out. I called and spoke to someone who said that I was in an outage; yet the Cox app said that I wasn't. I texted the short code for help and spent nearly and hour and a half until the Cox agent gave up and abandoned the chat. The only offer of help was to have a tech come to my house and charge me $75 to see what's going on, even though my setup has remained solid for months.

Has anyone else had this experience? I'm not going to pay for 1GBps speed with unlimited data if I'm only able to reliably get 100Mbps speed.

Customer Service experience is less than satisfying, to say the least.

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    First, thanks for the informative post and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you might have a 10/100Mbps bottleneck somewhere. What model modem and router do you have? Some routers will have a page that shows what devices are connecting at what speeds. It could be as simple as a crimped ethernet or a bad connector. If that doesn't work, try posting your modem's signal levels. Maybe the outage changed them somehow so they are not sufficient anymore. I will have more information on how to do that once I know what modem you have.

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      Modem is Motorola MB8611. Router is Netgear Orbi RBR850 with two satellites. I was getting speed test results of 1200Mbps regularly for months until last week when everything got borked. 

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        To see the signal levels go to > login > Connections tab. See here for more info. To see the connection stats go to Should look like picture below.

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    I am having the same issues. All I have is ONE tv streaming Hulu, not even live, and my wifi can’t keep up. I have to connect my Iphone hotspot to get my shows to play. It’s ridiculous. If I can get an actual human on the phone I will be demanding a credit & canceling my account. Our wifi has also completely dropped/been out 4 days out of the past 7 for 3-4 hours at a time, disconnecting our entire home security system. Cox is a POS.

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      @ Hb07777

      We hate to lose you as a customer before taking a closer look at what is causing the chronic issues you describe. Please send an email to with your full name and address so we can investigate.

      Jonathan J
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    We have had the same issues for the last 10 days. When the internet is up, the speed fluctuates from 375 mbs and 3.75 mbs. Horrible customer service. The Cox website reports the problem and always states”crews are working on it and service will resume by 1:01am” Always the same time. No details. It would be nice to know exactly what the problem is. Seems like the company let too many folks talk vacation to me.