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12 months ago

Internet Drops after street update

On April 24 the internet went out as they were doing updates on the main box on the street for the whole neighborhood. Since then my modem disconnects almost daily, and becomes unreachable from the COX end. The only solution is to manually unplug and reset the modem. Otherwise, the Internet stays down. I have exchange the modem at the COX store. I have verified from their end that they see no problem yet every time I contact them, they run me through the entire process again, it is now two weeks of losing service and I am not receiving what I pay for. Is anyone else experiencing somethings sort of this and is there a solution?

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  • Hello Pete. You shouldn't have to reset the equipment so often. With the issue remaining even after exchanging the modem, we may need to have a field technician visit scheduled to help further ascertain the issue impacting your connection. A technician would need access outside as well as inside the home during the visit and share his or her findings with you at the time of the appointment. -Dustin, Cox Forum Support Moderator
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    If you want to rule out all your inside coaxial(to avoid a charge) try bypassing all your splitters with couplers. I think you can get couplers at the Cox store or you can buy them online.

    You can also check your signal levels by logging into the gateway at > User:admin password:password > Connection > Cox Network. Copy/paste the data or post a screenshot to Imgur.

  • same problem with daily drops and daily modem reboots (docsis3.1)per cox recommendations...Someone else got the upgrade, I was down graded to 1987 aol connections using 1200 baud dialup - 

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      Hi, Boothill. I'm really sorry for the speed issues and I want to help. Please Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We really want to get you back up and running. -ChrisJ - Cox Support Forums Moderator