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4 years ago

Internet Bill going up and Customer Service is not available

I called a month or two ago and confirmed my billing details and plan. The associate told me I was good for another year $60 bucks a month for internet, suddenly my bill is up $20.... Without any explanation or authorization. Did anyone else bill go up without any idea?

Of course when you call all customer service numbers, none of them work because they are SO BUSY

then when you call SALES LINES, they are always available...BUT can never help you.

They just give you the same customer service line that cannot help..

ONLINE CHAT? nope, they are too busy and not responding either.
I hope cox can get it together, because google fiber available at a higher quality and cheaper price....

Noone from cox is trying to help

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    I agree - 

    I have been trying to email or chat with someone in regards to my bill being so HIGH - $247, it went up $100 not sure why so much?  I did move to a 2 bedroom with added dvr and filipino channels, but it shouldn't be $100 more.  I asked for all of my statements because I moved they closed closed out my 1st account for another account.  I can't print any statements.  I was paying $147 2 years ago, now $247 this is too high.  please tell me what you all are paying also.  so I am or WE are all paying way to high for Cox Cable.

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