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Internet and DVR experiencing many outages once local temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

Each summer my Internet experiences many outages of varying length. Most are of minimal to several minutes duration but still disrupt my work online.  

This summer in addition to the Internet our DVR has been rebooting at the same time that the Internet goes down.

I have a Netgear C6300 modem/router unit, Firmware V3.01.09. The DVR is a Contour 2 unit.

Sometimes the Upload Indicator turns Orange. Other times some of the lights go out and occasionally all but the top two lights go out.

This usually begins once the temperatures exceed 100 degrees and settles down with lower temperatures.

The past couple of days it has only been in the 90's for most of the day and Internet and DVR have been working OK.

This would appear to be a misfunction of something in the COX distribution system external to my home.

I've had techs here in the past summers and all they do is replace cable connections and their splitters. It does not solve the problem.

Now that it is also affecting the DVR it has become even more of an annoyance.

If I check the COX app they have only rarely indicated an outage in my area. Usually they report "No Known Outages."

I hesitate to request a tech as they have never checked any further than the signal coming in from the street box. Of course, there is never an outage of the systems apparent when they are here. Usually the outages correct themselves before I would be able to reach a COX representative.

I've seen on the forum where they have traced this issue, in the past, to a signal distributor that was being overheated by the higher temperatures here in the Las Vegas area.

I have partial Event Logs since June of errors recorded by my Netgear C6300. When it has rebooted itself or I have had to reboot it I have not been able to access records as they are erased when the unit reboots.

How do I get a knowledgeable COX technician to check out their part of the system rather than one of the contractors they usually send out?

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    The only way you can get COX attention is to file an FCC complaint, but you should keep a time and date log of every issue and your contact with COX.  Our neighborhood filed about four different complaints and a special service rep was assigned within a couple of days.  The problem in our neighborhood for over 12 months and still not fixed nor committed to be fixed by COX is an overly congested node.  The only fix is for for cox to invest and install the necessary infrastructure to split the node.  

    We continue to have numerous outages and congestion, buffering, poor performance and excessively less than the advertised download speeds.