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4 years ago

Interned slowdown in the evening.

I am in Las Vegas, NV and in the last three weeks have strange problem: I'm paying for 150Mbit Internet. During the day the speed is mostly around 150-170. In the evening, around 6PM, it slows down and by 8PM yesterday it was 20Mbit. At about 9 or 10PM it goes back to normal.
Tech support has no clue what it is and want to send out a technician, but the is during working hours when everything is running well.
Any ideas what might be the problem?

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    I have been battling Cox on these issues for just under a year now since COVID started. The problem is nearly all of their nodes that your modem is directly connected to are well over 100% utilization which causes incredible packet loss and spikes. The internet speeds usually aren't effected but the latency and packet loss is definitely noticeable. There are two things you can do and that is to file an FCC complaint about the packet loss and you will be able to talk to their actual engineers who are "diligently" working to split these nodes to help with saturation. They will probably give you some date that is months and months away when your node will be fixed and they get away with this without even a slap on the wrist because they have a "plan" to fix it. The ISP monopoly has been a travesty for years and COVID has only made it much worse and noticeable. The second thing you can do is go to to ask for a settlement to reduce your bills or pay you back for their service they aren't able to reliably provide. Don't take the first offer because it will be very low for what they actually deserve from this country wide failure.

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        It should be stuck at the top of this forum. You know it's pretty much true.

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    Hi @Nkm19803,

    I know that slow speeds can be very frustrating especially when they are intermittent. Are you experiencing this slow down on both hardwired and wireless devices. How many devices do you normally have connected in the evenings? Do you have a Cox Panoramic Wifi modem or is it one that you purchased yourself?

    Ben S.
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      Normally I have two devices connected but only one doing anything. The slowdown is on both wired and WiFi. The modem is a Cisco provided by Cox, the router is mine.

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        For testing purposes during those hours, are you able to bypass the router and hardwired directly to the modem. If so don't forget to reboot the modem prior to bypassing.

        Jonathan J
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    Cox infrastructure was not designed to handle this much traffic. Your speed is going to take a dip once people start getting home and jumping on the internet  (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc) Your connection in a way is being shared with the rest of your neighborhood block. Now because of the Pandemic and everyone working from home has created an even bigger problem. All Cox can do is tell you to check your connection, that they can send a tech to your home, reboot your modems, etc, etc....

    Cox is soon to have competition not only on Internet but TV as well.