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2 years ago

Intermittent service

I'm very close to switching service providers, does anyone know a reliable one? I pay the most expensive service with Cox and it's always intermittent, customer service wants to charge me more money to send someone out here to check on their product that I'm already paying too dollar for and can't enjoy it without interruptions. Any advice?

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    There is only a charge if it’s something inside the house. They want you to add “Cox Complete Care” to bypass that problem. My advice would be that if you have any other option with similar advertised speeds to switch, they will just waste months of your time dragging their feet barely trying to fix the issue.

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    There's only a charge if it's something inside the house, like the wiring, or your equipment. Quite often, if you are using wifi, it's interference of some sort, but if you're wired and experiencing issues, then a tech is a good idea. I have been using Cox since I moved in, over 29 years ago, and haven't had a problem. When I got internet back in the 90's, it's ran great, and has run great since. I would give them a chance it get the issue fixed, because if it's an indoor wiring issue, then 9.99 a month for Complete care, and it's fixed. Switch services, and you're STILL going to have indoor wiring, and you're still going to pay to have it fixed. 

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    Hi Mixmex,

    I am sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with your service. Please feel free to email us at with your service address and a link to this forum thread. We'd be happy to review the account with you.

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