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6 months ago

Intermittent packet loss in Hampton Roads VA

I'm in the Hampton Roads VA area - in southern York county - and for the last 4 months have been experiencing intermittent packet loss.  My upload and download speeds are fine - however traceroute results show packet loss - sometimes at 100% - on my first hop.  I had a tech come out and he checked all my home connections as well as the connection at the post - no issues - however he did see signal noise while connected at the post.  Cox did have a ticket - UNO000037020602 for reference - to clear the line noise.  This seemed to correct the issue for a few days however the same issue is back.  This is an intermittent issue so it's frustrating to track - and is impacting my online gaming.  I've tried to get support to re-open that ticket above however they want to start at the beginning of the process again and send a tech to my house.  Any ideas?



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