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4 years ago

Intermittent Internet Service Loss

Since beginning service and self-installing my gateway yesterday, I've experienced service drops every few hours.  The service line comes directly into the room where my gateway is located, and there are no splitters or filters on the line.  Upon checking the gateway diagnostic page, I am seeing downstream power levels reach as high at +11 to +12 dbmv, downstream SNR in the 37-38 db range, and upstream power levels as low as 28 to 30 dbmv.  Those are the levels that I can see during the periods that the service is actually connected - I'm not sure what those levels look like when I'm approaching or experiencing an outage.

While the downstream SNR levels look to be okay, I'm led to believe that the upstream and downstream power levels are either borderline or out of spec.  Troubleshooting via chat and phone has gotten me nowhere.  Would signal levels in this range be a good reason for a tech to come out and check the signal at the drop?

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  • @Shawnohio, By any chance, is there a different cable line in the home that you can try? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Unfortunately the gateway is hooked up directly to the main line that comes into the house.  I have splitters and short cables that I could introduce to the line if that's what you're asking.