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5 years ago

Intermittent Internet Problems

kevinm2 I have been getting almost daily intermittent issues with internet.  Upload goes to ** and just really unstable connection.  Will resolve itself in a couple hours usually.  Before I go through the hassle of scheduling a service appointment, can you please check to see if there is any noise issues, or something else you can point out on your end??  

Thank you!

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    We are having the same problem but it will usually come back within a few minutes, but it really messes up gaming, and movies and computers disconnect. It has been happening for over a week now several times a day. Is it just Cox?  Anyone else having problems?

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    I’m having the same issue in CT. Connection drops for all devices and “Online” light on modem is off. Connection returns within minutes but this does not help for Skype calls for work. Chat support said they couldn’t do anything unless I was currently having issues. Been happening since Friday 10/11. 

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      Hi Foltsie, I'm sorry you're having these issues. Can you please make sure that all connections are tightly secured and free of damage? Your modem is not communicating any signal levels to our team, and this could be an indication of a signal issue. There are no known issues or outages reported in your area at this time. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    SAME THING IS HAPPENING TO ME FOR THE PAST WEEK! I pay over 200$ for **. it makes me so angry.

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    kevinm2  Just had a tech out for a service apt.  Of course my internet has been perfect all day and he he ran tests at the modem, declared everything fine and left.  No line checks, didn't check outside, nothing.  Can i please get some help here???  Like I said, it has been fine all day, but yesterday was TERRIBLE.  Upload at like 1-2 Mbps when the test would actually run.  Conference calls I was on was so bad, no one could hear me, and my screenshares were so laggy they were useless.  I work from home, so if this cannot be a reliable service, I will have to go somewhere else.  

    Can you please look into this for me or help me set a tier 2 appointment that someone will actually do something????

    Thank you

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      @C5ride. The modem is up and running with a good signal and I am not seeing any latency/packet loss to the modem. Are you using a wireless router? If so, is it possible to temporarily bypass that router to see if the issue continues? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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        Yes, when the problems happen, I have done direct to the modem and it is still messed up.  When it goes bad, it is really bad, and unfortunately it was fine when the tech came out yesterday, but I feel they should have at least checked outside lines, etc.  There has to be something else we can do???

  • I am not seeing any area issues currently or any recent noise issues. I do see a little bit of packet loss to your modem intermittently, but not to others nearby.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator