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5 years ago

Intermittent access, Upload speed drops to less than 1Mbps, Pings have less than 50% success rate.

Intermittent access, Upload speed drops to less than 1Mbps, Pings have less than 50% success rate.

I have had issues for over two years with Cox internet at my location. Every few months the issue starts and my network becomes extremely unstable. I have gone through calling tech support however I am at the point where I just cant go through the process and waste my time. 

As most people are aware, a call to support will only result in unplugging the modem, waiting a few minutes, plugging everything back in, and then it will result in a tech coming out to test the line. Every time a tech has come out to test the line I get the same thing. There is nothing wrong, they replace a filter and say to call back if the issue comes up again. There have been two instances where I have been told that the issue is my modem. I have replaced my modem two times at my cost (I will not use the modem provided by cox and pay monthly fees on it).

Also, I have two completely separate lines running to my house for Cox internet, and I have moved between the two.. The issue happens no matter which line I move to. If this were a simple matter of replacing the line to my house I would have already paid to have that done.

If I had the choice and there was any provider that had something in my area with more that 5Mbps Down I would have switched a long time ago. 

My last call or chat (at this point I don't even remember) with tech support they did provide an extra step that I did not expect which was to remove the ethernet cable from my modem that goes to my router and power on the modem without anything connected and then plug it back in.. This actually looked like it might have resolved the issue so I went to work on my network to see if I could find anything that could be causing problems. After a few days of sifting through packet captures I did notice that most systems on my network were behaving as expected except for my television. I disconnected my TV from the network. A few days later the problem came back and I repeated the process of powering off my modem and back on with the cable unplugged. This time it did not resolve the issue. I repeated the steps several times as well. I went another several hours with an extremely unstable network connection.

If this were a matter of streaming movies or playing games it would not be as big of a deal for me however, I have one person that works from the house full time and with things being how they are now, I am also working from home full time and have no access to an office where I can go and get my work done. It is to the point where I am considering selling my house and moving somewhere that Cox does not have a monopoly on high speed internet.

If anyone has any experiance with this or if there is anyone at Cox that can push this issue beyond sending a tech to test my line I would be very appreciative. 

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    This is pretty common problem now. I collected some of the threads here. Seems like with stay home activity, their network is even more out of capacity than before: 

    I've been also talking with customer support for couple of days now, sending them dozens of trace routers and pings. Their customer support rep has been mostly confused and asking about what the nodes are and if they are part of my network (they are not, they are part of their network). They sent one technician over who said there is nothing wrong in the signal, that likely the Cox network is over 100% capacity.

    One person did a FCC complaint that resulted to call from Cox Executive Office, basically saying that the node is over saturated and they need to upgrade the node: