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9 months ago

Insanely unreliable connections.

The last few weeks (beginning in August 2023) my internet connection will just randomly disconnect and not allow me internet access.

All the “smart help” sessions I try, claim there are no outages in my area, and have consistently said so since I’ve started having this issue.

It usually happens between the hours of 9a-11a, stays off for several hours, occasionally will reconnect and allow internet access around 4p-7p, then off again until after 10pm, when it assumably stays connected throughout the night, as it’s still connected every morning at 6am when I leave for work.

I had a tech come out and visit, but the day he arrived, my connection was fine, and he insisted there wasn’t much he could do if there wasn’t a “problem”.

he also said that at the time of his visit, there was an outage in my area, and he wasn’t sure why I was able to connect at that time.

is there some way I may have set some kind of data usage timer, or something somewhere I’m not totally aware of, as it seems to be very consistent in the cut off, and start times.

I’m definitely not the most tech savvy fella around, but I can work my way around a decent amount of issues.

this I just don’t understand.

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        Darn, a gateway. They don't have event logs as far as I know but you can look up signal levels at >login > Connection > Cox Network. The UI is hard to copy/paste. Main thing you want to look for is your downstream is +5 to -5dB with SNR above 35/36. Upstream should be below 50dB. 

        Also, do you lose phone service when you lose data service?