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5 years ago

I'm getting really tired of this. (Ping spikes and packet loss)

I've been dealing with packet loss and ping spikes since covid-19 and even BEFORE this whole thing started happening. Never are they ever admitting to their faults and are constantly lying about their "complex infrastructure".

If that's the case, then why I am getting constant spikes in VoIPs and online games?

I'm quite almost literally the only person that is using the internet half the time even with the 150 down and 10 up speeds, there is no reason I should be having to suffer with this, along with many others.

Why is it whenever I call or request to have a tech out there's "nothing wrong" even though I have plenty of evidence that there's something at fault?

Dealt with this for years now and no matter how many chats and calls I do it doesn't matter.

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