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I have COX Security Suite powered by McAfee and Windows 10 reports my subscription McAfee Virus Scan expires soon

This started about 3 months ago.  At this time I simply check for updates on the COX website and downloaded and installed the latest version, no effect on the message.  I then uninstalled everything that had to do with McAfee and COX and then reinstalled and again no change.

I then confirmed that everything seemed to be working and so I left this for a couple of months to see if this was a Windows Update Issue or if my PC and McAfee just needed time to sort this out.

Now I am getting pop up messages from Windows 10 that I need to attend to this and this time I am getting a new button that is labeled "RENEW"  When I click the button I am taken to the McAfee website to purchase a 1 or 2 year subscription.

When I check I can only fine the McAfee components that were installed by the COX Security Suite.  This looks like I have some Nagware installed for McAfee that is triggering this but I can't seem to isolate it or remove it because uninstalling everything that is related to McAfee does not remove this message.

Does anyone have any idea how to deal with this?

David Abrames

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  • @Abramesd, I recommend deleting McAfee from your device and then rebooting it. Once rebooted, please download McAfee directly from our website at and then reboot the device again. Please let us know if that helps. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.