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5 years ago

I am paying for 150 mbps but only getting 26.1 mbps

I'm paying for 150 mbps but only getting 26.1 mbps. Due to COVID 19 and school closures I have to do Medical School classes online. I constantly get disconnected, or my internet freezes up. COX customer service always gives you the "I'll reboot" it. So after 3 weeks I finally get Tier 2 support. The Tier 2 Tech says there is node interference, packet loss, and signal degradation from outside but COX have not fixed it. I am stuck with COX because the company that owns my apartment complex is Collier Companies who signed an exclusive contract with COX that provides the only internet and cable where I live. What else can I do to have COX fix their issues. 

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  • Hi, I am sorry to hear about any issues with speeds that you are experiencing and I know how frustrating it must be for you. For additional support, please feel free to reach out to us about this issue through our Social Media channels: Twitter @coxhelp, Facebook, or email Please include a link to this thread.

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